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His journey takes him to Mt. Coronet where he ends up stranded and alone He is hers, and no matter how fast he runs Human OC x Female Pokemon. Pokephilia, Noncon. As a returning hobby writer coming from the fanfiction website, I trace back all of my love making stories with the least used mythical pokemon along with a few recognizable ones.

Most pokemon lovers may like pokemon that are about the same size as themselves. I like making relationships, build bonds, and build loving sex moments with the small legendary pokemon. Add the fetish of making onaholes, it can be tricky to get the balance that it won't be always a kid being raped too soon.

At times, being small is what got some humans mistaken as children when they are definitely on adult number ages. These are their adult age stories under healthy or abnormal child like bodies making love with pokemon that are smaller than other grandiose legendary pokemon. Guess what? Thanks to my time gone away from writing and coming back with new vigor, I have more ways to entice you all with my works.

Do take mind that my works will not be very limited when it comes to kinks and my own chapters shall not follow a vanilla mindset. If you don't like a chapter I post, just simply leave it as is. I write these for fun-suggestions are welcome but let's not get too hasty.

Ive seen enough chatfics to know where this is going. Alternatively alternatively: The twelve-year-old girl who saved the world twice over, a famous contest idol, the regional professor's somewhat nerdy son, and the asthmatic ten-year-old with social anxiety get in a chatroom, and it's just as bad as it sounds.

Lusamine and Cynthia are called in to rid the Old Chateau of the Ghost Pokemon inhabiting it, but things don't quite go as planned. Akira at the age of 3 was abandoned on the doorsteps of an orphanage where he spent the next 13 years of his life. Now at the age of 16 he is being forced from the only home he has ever known. Mais qui sont-ils vraiment?

Vers quel destin terrible sont-ils en train de plonger? A strange occurrence is happening over the world of Pokemon, endangering both people and Pokemon. Meanwhile, two lives are playing out in motion. A champion who seems to just be following the path everyone wants her to. And a former evil gang leader, who wants to earn the pride of his father. The disasters will cause their paths to cross.

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Whiscash lv. Deep-Freeze by KillerK9 Fandoms: How did people react to a lass going around beating up other trainers to visit the saloon twice a day?

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