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We were very inspirational to a lot of young women. Smith was the only brunette who auditioned for the role and was cast only after producers liked the on-screen chemistry she shared with Jackson and Fawcett. Charlie's Angels became known as " Jiggle TV ". The minute pilot film that aired on March 21, , received enormous ratings. Jackson and Ladd reportedly never got along with one another.

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This section does not cite any sources. Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor officially cast pic ". Many of the episodes follow a regular structure whereby a crime is committed, the 'Angels' are given the case details, and then they go undercover to solve the crime. On October 14, , ABC canceled the reboot series after one season, [53] due to low ratings. All of this is explained in the opening credit sequence; neither the pilot film nor subsequent series ever actually depicted an "origin story" as they are seen to have been working as investigators for some time as of the start of the pilot. Retrieved June 5,


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